When we are in the outdoor sports, the hot weather, the scorching sun runners are drawn to all these problems, remove breathable lightweight running gear, a function strong sports glasses also became a runner's first choice. A mountain road in trail running in the marathon, track, more and more players wearing the functional strong sports glasses, all from head to toe in the running gear, sports glasses also naturally become the first appearance of choice. Mention professional sports glasses, believe that many people would think of Oakley, this brand in the early days of the matrix series, after all, a series of Oakley glasses worn by the actors in the movie has left a very deep impression to people. So in many people's minds, when it comes to sports sunglasses, you don't necessarily think about it -- Fake Oakleys.

Oakleys sunglasses, speaking of you will say it is cool, but it's cool not because Roy, mike and Tom cruise are wearing it, but the sun glasses into a very technical content of products. Whether it's visual acuity, comfort, or appearance, Oakley has a very good reputation.

Talking about the history of Okaley, have to mention that its founder, Jim, Jane this crazy genius scientist in 1980, with professional goggles, into the glasses industry, his company to find the direction of the real. Oakley has been popular with many people since it was launched. What makes it unique is that it disrupts people's traditional view of glasses and integrates the comfort, practicality and artistic integration of glasses. Both in product design and selection of material, through a series of scientific experiments and testing - Cheap Oakley Sunglasses is not a simple designer fashion brand, but scientists carefully manufactured products. After more than 30 years of development, Oakley has more than 600 patents. That is why it costs so much more than similar products that it can cost as much as $4,000 a pair of glasses. A man of the pursuit of excellence is not enough, in Los Angeles of America in the company, also with more people worship technology and design, this group of people use a warm in the sun glasses, so today we can see such rich technology charm of America.

Of course, Cheap Oakley Sunglasses can come to this stage, and technology alone is not enough. In the history of Oakley's brand development, the strong human taste brought by interactive marketing with athletes eventually led to Oakley's moving brand story. Lance Armstrong, a famous cyclist, worked with Oakley for 19 years during his 19 year tour of the tour DE France. In 1996, he was diagnosed with cancer, and many sponsors and insurance companies "abandoned" him, but Oakley not only renewed his contract but also hired him as a formal employee and paid health insurance for him. Armstrong never gave up trying, and Oakley never gave up on Armstrong. After the greatest feat in history, Armstrong became the tour DE France champion in 1999, after battling cancer. Armstrong had a huge brand effect for Oakley. In this regard, Armstrong's never-giving spirit was incorporated into Oakley's brand, and even made the Oakley brand fashionable.

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