Oakley is an American sports brand that specializes in various types of functional glasses, as well as casual wear, skiing, swimming, cycling and track and field sportswear. Founded in 1975, Oakley is based in southern California and is one of the world's leading sports brands. Oakley has more than 600 patents and continues to discover problems and seek solutions in an artistic way. This unique philosophy has made Oakley the most representative and unique brand in the market, and Oakley's innovative technology has enabled world-class athletes to perform at their best in competition. Oakley is known for its excellent High Definition Optics High Definition Optics (HDO) technology, which is used in areas such as sunglasses, optical glasses and ski goggles. cheap Oakleys has developed from the world's leading sports glasses brand into a leading sportswear brand in sportswear, footwear and accessories.

About the history of America, the so-called "mad scientist" scientific madman Jim Jannard using $300 to establish a company in 1975,then use his dedication and unique ideas, break the existing rules, shabby garage lab at that time, research and development professional cross-country motorcycle dedicated hand set. When the motorcycle handle round rubber hose, once stained with water will slip, Jim Jannard adopt unique decorative pattern design and new materials Unobtainium, enhance players when racing car hand in hand feeling and perspiration function. This is Oakley's first product. The product won two technical patents, and Jannard founded the Fake oakleys for sale brand with a transcendental spirit of innovation. In 1995, Jim developed the O Frame review-frame with a perfect cylindrical radian. Professional athletes such as Mark Barnett, Marty Smith, Johnny O 'mara and Jeff Ward are full of praise for the high definition and open perimeter of the product. In 2005, Jim went back to the lab to accurately rewrite his sports sunglasses. Few believe he will succeed, and most think his move is tantamount to an ovulation, and the biggest company in the industry is unbeatable. But Jim, based on the original invention, introduced "Eyeshades" with innovative technology, transforming glasses from ordinary accessories to important equipment. The first world player to walk into the company was Greg LeMond, who won the tour DE France three times. Other athletes such as Scott Tinley and Mark Allen have also expressed their desire to use Eyeshades' functional protection products. Oakley's decades-long innovation has brought us the product technology that integrates science and technology. Today, Jannard's brand has become a remarkable success symbol. When people are confronted with severe challenges and can't tolerate any loss of performance, it has become an ideal choice. In the United States, almost 20 people on the street have one wearing Oakley.

OAKLEY glasses have upended the idea of eyeglasses, which combine the comfort, practicality and artistic integration of the glasses. Whether the product design or the material chosen, through a series of advanced scientific experiments and tests, ensure its comfort and high quality, and let function and fashion highly integrate.OAKLEY first showed us this remarkable enthusiasm with its most prestigious series of advanced sunglasses. Fake Oakleys all the time in the field of science and technology lead, because of the use of technology to make them over and over again beyond the limit, and is one of the world's top, engaged in different project athletes trial, in all possible situations imaginable for testing.Lance Armstrong is one of the most famous cyclists in the world, and his legendary nature is far from fashion or genius. He is a good interpretation of OAKLEY fashion spirit, lance is one of the famous cyclist, then attacks the brain, and lance in former team no longer enjoy health insurance and no sponsor provides him the support of economic. Not only did lance renew his contract, he was an active triathlete in the 1980s. He began his career as a road racing driver in 1990 and became an Oakley player, and a year later he won the American amateur championship. 1993 became the youngest road champion in the world and his tour DE France came to prominence. Then in 1996, lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer and then the cancer spread to the lungs. Oakley hired him as a formal employee and paid his health insurance. Lance never gave up and never gave up on lance. Lance finished the greatest comeback in history and won the tour DE France for the first time in 1999. He has won at least five victories in more than five years, and has since become one of the most respected people in the world. He has been using technology in fierce competition because he knows that high technology and perfect design can help him know that he and OA have a similar understanding. Fashion is cool, that is to say fashion. Young, comfortable, more a kind of restless spirit, always on the road of development and innovation.

Oakley sunglasses are divided into leisure series, dynamic series, sports series, metal series. Fake Oakley Sunglasses leisure series represents products EV ZERO Oakley,The lightest sport sunglasses of 35 percent lighter than Jawbreaker (iron ride); The spherical lens of the unframed radial ite makes the line of sight unobstructed; Born for speed, suitable for running, training and other sports. OAKLEY's lenses are made from the PLUTONITE material, which is more than 100 percent blocking uv light and harmful blue light, and beyond the industrial level of ANSI in the United States. In addition, the anti-collision function was tested with a 12 mm gun. Its different hues have different reflection coatings, which can deliver 7-96% light and cooperate with different needs. OAKLEY to further develop the degree of sunglasses market, but also high-quality sports frame with their own anti-broken degree of the lens produced Prescription Program2001 series, in accordance with the face shape and maintain a long time to maintain comfort, but also to protect the safety of the eyes Role, but also because of the need to replace the sun lens.Till today, Oakley's sunglasses have been reinventing and never stop!

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